Removal. Rats in the city. L.Laganovskis, I.Žodžiks, M.Steķis, H.Lediņš. Action. Old city of Riga. 1982. Photo I.Žodžiks.

A line in Kurland. Eine Linie in Kurland. Action. Leonards Laganovskis, I.Žodžiks, H. Lediņš. 1986. Photo I. Žodžiks.

Wind in the Willows. With I.Žodžiks, H.Lediņš, A.Sparāns. Exhibition in the Union of Architects. Riga. 1986. Photo I.Žodžiks.

Parallax. With I.Žodžiks, H.Lediņš and A.Sparāns. 1987. Photo I.Žodžiks.

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