Private collection. With a little help from my friends. The antique frames are a loan from Staattiche Museen Preuftischer Kulturbesitz, Berlin and from Antikhandlung Wormuth. Oil, linen, frames. 1992.

Berlin Brandenburg International Airport (BBI). invited participant of the contest “Kunst am Bau” at the BBI – waiting area. Project. German Art, German Music, Berlin Museums and German Flora. German Coat of arms, German literature, German Architecture and German Fauna. German Sports, German Science, German Engineering and German Brands. Events in Berlin, German Celebrities, Berlin Parks & Gardens and German Autobahns & Canals. German History, German Lighthouses. 240×600 cm, Tempera.

Camouflage. Find art. Camouflage in art is the use of any combination of materials, coloration, or illumination for concealment, either by making art objects hard to see (crypsis), or by disguising them as something else (mimesis), or if the viewer is uneducated. Wood, cardboard, a different colour each time. 2004-2019.

Gender of Things. Examining how different languages divide genders, in a visually demonstrative way. 2006.

Mstislav Rostropovich. He was born in Baku, he lived in Moscow, was exiled and stripped of his Soviet citizenship. You’ll laugh, but only a passport, which he had in the last 10 years of his life – the passport of Monaco. He is buried at Novodevichy cementery in Moscow. This Mstislav Rostropovich. – Mstislav why you chose at the time the cello? Asked once for Rostropovich. – Because I love her as a woman. Only many years later I learned that in French the word “cello” – masculine. I was shocked! If I found out about it when attached to the music, do not know what would be the tool I chose.

Language is the basis and symbol of every culture. Language and words are the symbols of human ideas. They doesn’t mirror the natral links between distinct sounds and set ideas cause then there would be just one language for everyone. Word as a sign is the basic unit of language. In every language words have a way of gender. The division in genders is as various as different culture languages themselves. Gender equality and sexual orientation today is still an urgent problem. But even not speaking about such global issues we face division of different symbols in genders day by day. In German word „tisch” (table) is a masculine gender word. Does it have masculine characteristics aswell? Can we equate the gender and the sex? Does a language become more feminine if feminine gender words dominate there? How colourful is a language just because of division in genders?
In a visually demonstrative way the exposition offers to examine a division of different languages in genders. Photo ©JeongMee/Barcroft USA.

War of Genders. German vs Russian.

In the Beginning, there were Texts

A various authors. New Testament (LV). 0.3806444pt. 1 ft2 Various authors. New Testament (EN). 0.4366442pt. 1 ft2 Various authors. Old Testament (EN). 0.1135277pt. 1 ft2 Lewis Carroll. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. 6.0pt. 1 ft2 William Shakespeare. Anthology. 0.0619353pt. 1 ft2. The Brothers Grimm. Children’s and Household Tales. 0.216516 pt. 1 ft2
Ivan Goncharov. Oblomov. 0.4360309pt. 1 ft2
Leo Tolstoy. War and Peace. 0.1377287 pt. 1 ft2. The Torah 12.2 pt. 1 ft2

(I.F.) Texts within a square foot. The amount of information being produced is beginning to exceed the capacity for its consumption. Its compression into one-foot-squares might be considered a simple and convenient way of storing text. The experiment proved that the quality of literature, its age- lessness and influence on the minds of society is in no way linked to the formal shrinking of its characters. It feels quite seductive, folding all of Shakespeare’s works into your pocket.


Absolute Memory of the Flies. J.Gagarin (The first to fly above everyone!), Franz Joseph I of Austria (please read Jaroslav Hašek The Good Soldier Švejk), Jeff Goldblum (in film The Fly), detail. 100x70cm. Acryl, silkscreen. 2006.




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