International Max Linder Suicide Centre. At night. At daytime. 2015.

Max Linder, actor, screenwriter and director, and his wife Hélène Peters, after seeing a performance of Quo Vadis (in which the main characters bleed to death) committed suicide in the same way. They drank Veronal, injected morphine and cut their veins.

Music essence. Perfume Fights Music. Battle of the Giants. 2.4×1.2m. 2004. The seating arrangement records how perfume attacks from all sides, as precisely as a musical score or fortification plan. If there are a hundred way to die, then this is one of them. The violent cacophony of aromas suppresses our desire to live. (I.F.)

Vodka as Optical illusion. 2017.

W.Shakespeare All-in-One. All works of William Shakespeare on one sheet. Readable text, size 5.07pt. 160 x 520 cm. 2005. In collection of Kunsthalle Bremen .

William Shakespeare Telephonebook. 2005.

Texts within a square foot. The amount of information being produced is beginning to exceed the capacity for its consumption. Its compression into one-foot-squares might be considered a simple and convenient way of storing text. The experiment proved that the quality of literature, its agelessness and influence on the minds of society is in no way linked to the formal shrinking of its characters. It feels quite seductive, folding all of Shakespeare’s works into your pocket. (I.F.)

Dr. Laganovski Eye Examination. If you understand the table’s symbols and abbreviations your eyesight is brilliant. 1998.

Dr. Laganovski Eye Examination. Silverprint. 1998.

Place of Birth. 2017.

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